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A huge treat for Sunny Deol fans – what can be best for them except watching Sunny Deol in his best ever. In this movie, he looks every bit a real Sardaar and very convincing as a real hero. The way he delivers his dialogues is simply amazing. Singh Saab The Great is a homage to 1980’s Hindi Cinema when Sunny paaji used to rock the screens with his social reformer image. The hero was lost somewhere and its is a pleasure to have him back on track.

The movie was released on 22nd November, 2013 and directed by Anil Sharma (yes the Jodi has done it again after Gadar). So watch the movie for them – and of course for Sunny’s amazing and clap worthy dialogues.

The part the hero has played looks convincing and he fits in real well with the character. The movie does have some real impressive scenes and most importantly, the daredevil (Sunny) as a social reformer. And when in the end, you would see good winning over evil, you will definitely go home with a smile. The movie keeps roaring about (until first half) – “Badla nahi Badlav” which seems to get lost after some time into some social revenge drama. But then you can expect some power packed action performance and stunts with the film.

You will more probably relate this to those Sunny’s 80’s or 90’s films where he rocked the action cinema and ruled every heart (obviously of those who loved action). Who can forget his memorable performances in Border, Gadar, Ghatak etc. The dialogue “dhai kilo ka haath” became famous overnight and in this movie, you can expect some worthy dialogues that will surely linger in your mind for longer.

Amrita Rao who plays the role of a journalist looks not so convincing, but Sunny Deol lovers won’t be disappointed as the flaws are very well overlooked by his engaging performance. He does not surely uproot the hand pump to threaten all the gundaas, but yes, the movie does have its own moments. For those who loved Sunny paaji in his best action performance during 90’s, this is surely a must watch.